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Thor's Day

Today was the first day of my working interview at a local boarding kennel and I LOVED it.

This kennel had a very interesting mix of boarders. I saw a Cane Corso, Shiloh Shepherd, Goldens, Labs, Poodles, Westies, Mini Schnauzers, Komordor, and a Malamute.

It was just day one of the working interview, so I mostly got introduced to how things ran around the kennel, did a bit of dog walking, and helped with feeding/refilling water bowls.

I'm going back tomorrow afternoon, then again this weekend to finish up the working interview and decide if this is something I want to continue doing. (Which I do)

I didn't have time for any RC work with the Knight man today, and tomorrow we have agility class.... I might be able to get some video there. We'll see if I can bribe my sister into going with me haha.

A Bit Too Insane

Behold, the reason I trained Knight's 2o2o in the first place. Knight jumping on a totally flat board like the yellow is electrified.

During the above reps I was using a bowl with food in it about 8-10 ft away from the end of the board. He still got a bit of a treat after each rep (whatever tidbit I put in the bowl to get him running out) but no huge jackpots. I did give him a mini jackpot after the fourth rep, since that was the closest I had gotten to an actual running this session.

After that we went inside, worked on some tricks with Lilly, then he chilled while I did schoolwork and a bit of  "Leap week" repair on my room. (Leap week is like shark week, only with a Leapazoid instead of sharks.... and me being too tired out from entertaining a BC to actually clean my room)

Around 8:00 pm, it was finally starting to cool down outside so I decided to give the flat board another shot.

Much better results this time around!

I swapped out the bowl for one of Knight's ma…

The Time Has Come- Knight's Running Contacts

The time has come for me to finally work on Knight's running contacts. I've done some work here and there in the past, but nothing solid enough to get him doing a full height RC. His jumping is a bad habit that I'd like to smooth out before we get up into the excellent ring. Not to mention the fact that I'm just not a big 2o2o fan at all.

Yesterday I unhooked my teeter base and got him started on a totally flat board. I just did two reps for a few reasons:
-He ran both of them, believe it or not but a week ago he would actually jump on even a flat board
-Leap was barking her head off while my neighbors were working outside

My goal is to train his RCs fully and correctly this time around. So height will be added very, very slowly. You can expect lots of short clips of Knight's contact work over the next few months.

Lilly is no where near done her contact training either, I want to fix up her entries to the dog-walk, along with her turns off of it, and a bit more wor…

Game Face

Leap is the 13 month old Border Collie I was dog sitting this week. This was my first experience actually living with a BC and it was kind of insane.

Don't get me wrong, I love Leap to bits, but I also enjoy sleeping past 6:30 in the morning haha.

On Friday night I took Leap with me to agility class. It's a drop in class free for members, and membership is charged by the person, not by the dog so I figured I might as well run the Leapazoid too. It ended up being one of my favorite nights at agility so far.

The whole class was just a dream. Leap was a speed demon, then the paps got jealous so they were tearing it up too. Lilly gave me some phenomenal distance work and Knight-man showed off his beautiful wraps, basically everyone was absolutely fantastic so they made me look extremely talented.

-I apologize if this post is extremely choppy, I'm a bit sleep deprived and stressed. Any writing talent I might have evaporates as stress levels go up.

In non-Leap news I'm attem…

Always Talking About Changes

Okay maybe "change" isn't quite the right word for this post. It's more along the lines of Progress.

One week after having a friendly chat about my plans to attend the KPA I received an e-mail, this e-mail to be exact:

"Greetings all!

You may or may not be aware that in the past we have had an “official” assistant program at DTCCC which allows instructors to have a club member in beginning level classes (KPT, L1 & L2) to assist them with conducting class.  In general, these folks are club members who demonstrate good training skills, good people skills, good communication skills, may or may not have worked with a variety of breeds, and usually have earned a Canine Good Citizen title on at least one dog.  They serve as an extra set of eyes & ears in class and are available to explain things further to any class members who might be having difficulty (or to work with class members who are “getting it” while an instructor deals with a particularly challengi…

The Next Step

"The deep dark yawning pit of the next step of your life might look like a fall but it could be a flight"
-Hank Green

Who is that Dog Nerd?    You know the person that won't shut up about dogs and seems unaware of the fact that they're pretty much speaking a totally different language? Yeah.... I'm kind of one of "those" people.

  I'm also a 17 year old high school student who's attempting to finish high school a semester early so I can run off to the Karen Pryor Academy in hopes of one day having "dog trainer" be my job.

 When I'm not doing dog stuff you can find me shooting at the archery range, reading a book....or watching Doctor Who.

Why the new Blog?
    As some of you may -or may not- know, I previously had the blog "HeavensGlory Agility" but pieces of future plans have started to fall into place. HeavensGlory Agility is starting to become part of the past, but foundation for something bigger is laying. I think I…