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You've Been Acting Aweful Tough Lately

Good lord, I don't know if I used the word "really" enough in my last blog post. That is officially the last time I post around midnight after just four hours of sleep the day before. Yikes. I apologize for putting you through the agony of reading that.

So, here's what's going down. Lilly might have lymes again. She slipped and bumped her leg in the pool last Wednesday, so when she was limping a bit right afterwards I thought it was just bruised and would heal with some rest. Friday was crazy, I got off work at 6, home by 6:30, and had to run and get the papmobile.

The plan was to have the mechanic lock my keys in the papmobile so my mom would drop me off with my spare and I'd drive home. Simple enough plan, right?  Funny how simple plans tend to crash into insanity. I couldn't find my spare key. Long story short, after an hour and a half of tearing apart the house we decided to go to the dealer and see if they left it unlocked by any chance. You have t…

Friday Nights

I love our Friday night agility classes. Tonight was one of those nights when everything really felt like it was coming together.

 I could really see Lilly listening tonight, at our last few trials we've had some hiccups where Lil was going off on her own and doing a course of her own creation for a bit. Tonight she was really listening to my cues, thinking about what I was saying, then following through with what I was directing her to do. We still have some smoothing out to do, but this was a huge leap in the right direction.  I couldn't be more happy with how she ran. She was fast and she was really listening!

 Then there was Knight-man. Wow, running him felt absolutely fantastic. His tunnel sends were awesome, he was listening to me while he was in the tunnel so he had tight turns coming out, brilliant wraps, simply amazing. The only thing I wasn't happy with was his jumping, the bars are set at 8" and he was easily clearing the 12/16" markers. Denise pro…

Summer Goals

"Something here doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick." -The Doctor
I'm still alive! I was working Thursday-Monday this past week and was way too beat when I came home to do any semi-intelligent blogging. I had yesterday off, but I ended up taking the paps on a 3 hour hike and just goofed off instead of doing anything productive haha. 
And back to the topic of this post, since most of my time at work is spent walking dogs and cleaning I've had plenty of time to think about what I want to work on with the paps this summer. Now It's time to set some realistic goals! 
Running Contacts  Knight of course has nothing done yet on his RCs, I got some great tips from Devi (check her out, she's pretty awesome) for his flat board jumping. I just need to corner my mother and ask if I can grab some of the extra carpeting downstairs to use. 
Miss Lilly also still has a fair bit of RC work to go. She has running while it's at lower levels down pretty …

To The Papmobile!

I drive a grayish blue mini van that has been deemed "The Papmobile". Most teenagers getting their first car would cringe at the idea of having to drive their friends around in their mom's old mini van... I'm not exactly "most teenagers" though.

 I personally love The Papmobile, it's got enough space for both of my crates along with extra room if I'm traveling to a trial with some friends. The best thing about it is also one of the worst things... it's very spacious. I spend most of my time driving alone, or rather as the only human in the van, so I can very easily toss trash in the middle seats and ignore it until it reaches the point where it starts to smell funny and look just plain scary. This week it reached that point.

It's all organized and you can actually see the floor now! Yay! I also put on the sticker Abby got me back when I was watching Leap.

All the cool kids drive mini vans and got papillons. 'Nuff said

First Step To Assistant Instructor

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a bit weird?" -Craig "They never really stop." -The Doctor

Today I went to the club-  the dog club for those who were mistaken into to thinking that I have a "real" social life- for the assistant instructor training/meeting event. 

  Overall it was a very well put together meeting. Denise did a great job and I'm so excited to be welcomed into the program. As of right now I don't know when the first class I'll be helping out with, but here's how it works. All of the assistant instructors e-mail the times they're available to help out, then the list gets e-mailed to the instructors so they can see who's available when and go from there. Looks like most of the "Family pet" classes, so puppy and basic manners classes, are Tues-Thursday. I should be getting my official work schedule this week so hopefully I'll make sure to note that I'd like one of those evenings off. 

 I can'…

Dreamer of Improbable Dreams

"I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams."  -The Doctor