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What Do You Want?!?!

Last night at agility class we kicked off our two months of focus on contacts. I am ridiculously excited about this, both of the paps have some things I'd like smooth out in the contact department so this is the perfect chance to proof things I've been working on at home.

The First Step

 The key to success in dog training is knowing what you want. So our first last night was figuring out what we want our final criteria to be.

  Sometimes.... I have trouble with this. I slip into the "Oooh Look at that! That's close enough to what I sort of want! Yayyyyy Dogger-doo! Here are some cookies for your semi-close attempt to what I think I want" sort of phase. Basically it's the reason I am not active in competitive obedience.

 I acknowledge this is something I need to work on, so I guess now is as good a time as ever to start working on it.

A-frame: Jump over apex, striding off. Rear leg separation won't be as pronounced as on the dog-walk, just lookin…