Monday, August 15, 2011

So Long Sweet Summer

 This summer certainly turned out very differently than I had originally anticipated. If you had asked me 6 months ago how my 2011 summer would go it would of consisted of lots of slept in mornings, a part time job, and at least 4 agility trials.

 It ended up looking something like this: Work, work, work, two days of trialing with each dog, work, Selina coming to visit, work, and a papillon pot luck. Did I mention work?  I really do love my job, and I love the income, but now I'm going to focus on the few non-work related things there.

2011 July AKC Berks Trial
 The first weekend of July Abby and Skye came over for day 1 of the Berks trial in Palmyra. Lilly NQd in Standard, but Q'd in JWW while Knight Q'd in std (Getting the last leg for his NA!) and NQ'd in Open jww.

I had to work on Saturday and came back on Sunday with just Lilly. I pulled myself together and handled Lilly much better in standard on Sunday. She dropped a bar on the triple so we just missed a Q, but it was a really fun course and Lil ran fantastically for me.  She snagged another Q in JWW, giving Lil her 9th Q out of 10 for her MXJ.

2011 July TDAA TNT Canines Trial
   The last week of July Selina came over with Twister and Mani for one day at our semi-local Teacup Trial. Knight was a little sniffy on the course and blew his weave entries, but came right back and whipped through them the second time I asked.  Knight Q'd all three of his runs that day, 2 towards his TIAD, and 1 towards his level 3 Games title.

2011 Papillon Pot luck
 Selina and I went to the first annual Papillon Pot Luck in NY the Sunday after the TDAA trial. I absolutely loved it. I got to spend time with most of the local agility people including the StarStruck gang.

Fame, Chase, and Carly
Mani running from Sheldon

Our First Ring Rental
  To wrap up Selina's visit we scheduled a ring rental at the K9 Jym. I think all the paps were brilliant at the ring rental, we both did the course twice with our own dogs, and then we swapped dogs for a run.

That pretty much wraps up all of my non-work activities this summer. Both Lil and Knight are officially entered in two 3 day AKC trials in September which will hopefully kick off a pretty full fall trialing schedule :)