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August 2011- A Month In Review

As August draws to a close so does my crazy work schedule. Next weekend kicks off our fall trialing season with a 3 day trial in Chatham, VA with Selina, Mani, and Twister. After two months off trialing Lilly I am beyond excited to get back in the ring with her and show off our progress.

Knight-man's teeter is looking mighty fine! I'm rather proud of how it's turned out so far. He picked up on what I was asking for so quickly, he's now confidently running all the way to the end of the board and riding it down. One contact obstical down, two more to go! His jumping is slowly improving too! He's getting much better with understanding the difference between a single jump and the double, along with totally owning the broad jump. 
This month Lilly has really just blown me away. She was the only dog out of 4 to run the WTT course that Abby and set up cleanly. In an outdoor ring that she had never set foot in before while keeping a nice snappy pace. She's such a supe…