Monday, October 3, 2011

This is the Subject Everybody Finds the Hardest

"This is the subject everybody finds the hardest, but you're gonna have to pass it if you want to earn your TARDIS!" -Gallifreyan Histroy 101 by Chameleon Circuit

Knight-Introduction to the Jump Chute

Basically, Knight already knows what a jump is, and has seen jump chutes before, so I skipped right to Lesson 3 of week one, which has all 5 jumps out for the first time. 

What we did
-Set five jumps two strides apart
-All Jumps at elbow height (He's 5", set the bar at 6")
-Leave dog two strides from first jump
-Two Sets of Three repetitions, with break between sets

I measured out Knight to be roughly:
Body length= 11"
Full Height= 9"
Elbow Height=5"

So I put him in the 8:10, 50% body type class. In theory, his stride length should be his body length x 3. So I set up the jumps 66" apart. This is what I got (full screen for best viewing, I wanted to get all 5 jumps in the shot)

The above video is our baseline. What you see is what I got. Very unpredictable with his jumping/bouncing right now. These next three weeks the focus is on Rhythm. I'll be doing 3 jump chute lessons a week. Each consisting of  two sets with three reps. Hope you enjoy watching Knight jump, because you're going to be seeing a lot of it. 

Lilly- Outs, Wraps, and Switch

In all honesty, I'm the one that needs more work properly signalling Lil's outs, wraps, and switches. Thankfully, Lilly is very patient with me and is having a blast zooming around on the low jump heights. I started us at 1", just the bar that holds together the jump. Next we'll move up to 4" and work every 2" up to 12", not really in any rush to get her up to her jump height. Wraps really aren't that common yet in AKC, but out jumpers runs in general could use a bit of tightening up. 

I Don't Know How We Happened

"I don't know how we happened, We just kinda did..." -"You've Been On My Mind" by Dave Days

I've been horrible with updating, but with the fall trial season in full swing I figure now's a good time to get back into the habit. 

This afternoon was the coldest we've had in a while. I did what any dog nerd with 170 ft of pvc would do and built 9 jumps. Clip n Go jump strips are awesome. Totally worth every penny. 

Mia's been living with my for the past two weeks and I'm absolutely in love. She and Knight are getting along fabulously, she's hilarious, and just such a joy to have in my life. I've gotten a few double-takes at the dog club as people notice that I have three dogs in the corner instead of my usual two.

So, for the fall now each of the dogs has a little "project". Knight will be working on "The Clothier Natural Jumping Method" in attempt to smooth out his over collecting with jumps, Lilly will be working on jump skills like tighter wraps, backsides, rears, and jump speed, while Mia's working on weaves.

The above are the "main projects" with sessions on the contacts and the chute to mix things up agility wise. Between the few agility sessions we do a week, I have a handful of new tricks I want to get working on, show handling, and the mission of finding new and exciting hiking trials, I have a feeling the paps are going to have an extremely fun, and busy fall.