Friday, December 23, 2011

Goals for 2012

"Just RUN and you'll get there. It's all a question of training your dog to the degree that you can trust him." -Silvia Trkman 

Trial Goals

Running and Trust: That's what this new year is all about. I've been trialing for nearly 3 years now, I need to start having some faith in my training abilities and trust that my dogs will do their job. It's time to stop slowing them down by babysitting their every obstical, I'm just going to go for it and RUN!

Handling: Avoid flailing around. Make clear signals and smooth lines between obsticals. Work on verbal turn cues, and work on making my body language cue clearer for them. Cue sooner too, Knight spends half the course staring up at me because I'm not always fast enough, he doesn't need to be done the obstical to cue the next, so stop waiting and start cueing!

Home Goals

With the paps I'd like to just keep on doing more tricks, play a ton, and hike a lot. More body awareness tricks, and some proper conditioning, for both the paps and myself!

 And on a totally human-centered goal, I'd like to start reading(and re-reading) away at my collection of books from different trainers. Keep some notes, compare training styles, and just continue to broaden my dog training knowledge horizon.

To sum it up, that's Running, Trust, Handling, Tricks, Fun, Hiking, and Reading.

Sounds like 2012 is going to be a pretty fantastic year :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clinging to Fall

With two freshly Frontlined little papillons, I loaded up the papmobile and we made our way to the park. Lilly was left out of the adventure today, as she's currently having difficulty jumping up onto my bed and running up the stairs. She's off to the vet tomorrow morning, I'm thinking we have another case of lyme. 

Ticks are the only reason I'm not a fan of living backed up against the park, but with the temperature barely in the 30's I felt pretty confident we wouldn't have too much trouble with the ticks today. 

I did, however, fail to look up the parks hunting regulations. I was romping around the woods with Mia and Knight when we stumbled across a man in a bright orange vest crouching just 20 ft away. That's the moment DK and Mi noticed the man as well and proceeded to bark loudly at him.

Frantically I snatched up my two little dogs and darted up the path until I was officially back in the "No Hunting Permitted" zone. Thankfully the trial I had decided to take today marks the boundary between the hunting and non-hunting zones. I stuck faithfully to the left side of the path until no hunting surrounded us.

I'll be doing my homework next time and attempt to avoid a similar encounter.

When we returned home from our adventure I brought the little paps over to the agility yard for a bit of weaves before a long game of fetch. Here's what our weave session looked like:

I have some truly fantastic little dogs.