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Extreme Makeover: FOS- Part 2

Look at that, dividing posts into "parts" so it looks like I actually update on a regular basis! Very Clever, I know.

After 2011 added two more dogs to my trialing adventure, I came to realize that my walls simply cannot stand to hold all the ribbons anymore. Only our bigger ribbons will remain (Lilly's MX, MXJ, and perhaps CPE level completions?) while the rest are retired to drawers in my closet.

Ribbons came down, taping began. The girls "helped" as I worked.

The following morning a few more preparations were made, and then the painting began! 

Extreme Makeover: Fortress Of Solitude Edition

As more and more variables get tossed into the puzzle that is the next year of my life I've tossed myself into yet another project. I find some degree of physical and creative labor can usually help clear my mind from all the "what if"s.  This time, I've thrown myself into redoing my bedroom, or "Fortress of Solitude" as my younger siblings like to call it.

It might be a little silly to redo it now, as I probably won't be living here primarily next year. But paint isn't too pricey, and I needed a project, so this is what it boiled down to.

The Before

I apologize for the mess, kind of realized I wanted to take before and after pictures half way through "organizing" everything.

Here goes nothing, good bye green- Hello something new.