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The Completed Fortress Of Solitude

After sleeping on the air mattress for 4 days I was ready to knock off the rest of the work that needed to be done.


I know the black wall looks sad and lonely, but I plan on ordering some pictures to hang up there... eventually.  Right now there's Lilly's MX and MXJ certificates with her picture. Then Knight's OA and OAJ certificates, soon to be a picture of him at a trial between them.

But yes! There it is! Lots more space for training/crate space when friends come over. Not gonna lie, kind of love it :)

The First Trial of 2012

The Fortress of Solitude makeover went on hold for 3 days while I took the paps to a CPE trial at one of our favorite sites. This year was our first time in the new building, the dogs liked it just as much as the old building, and we got the added bonus of not freezing our feet off.

Saturday was spent time with Sarah and Blake, two fantastic young handlers with some amazing dogs! If you haven't already you should absolutely check them out.

I had Lilly entered in 5 runs each day, Knight in 3, and Mia in 2 a day.

Our last trial had been a Friday night trial, it consisted of a handful of handlers, 2 runs per dog. It was a perfect first trial for Mia, and a low stress environment for me to be able to just focus on getting Knight running. Both of them blew me away, Mia acted like she'd been doing this for a while, and Knight-man was back to the ball of enthusiasm that he was when he first started trialing.

This trial was the next level, a small step up before we dive back into AKC …