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Be Confident

"Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to other and wishing to be something we aren't. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses and it is only when you accept everything you are- and aren't- that you will truly succeed." -Unknown Author 

Thanks to the small size of my dogs and a bit of creative packing, I loaded up the Malibu and made my way up to Boston for our first agility trial in New England.

My Grandmother used to trial her Goldens in AKC obedience, and is an avid watcher of the Westminster Kennel Club Show, so I thought it'd be fun for her to what I do with my guys.

All in all the trial was an awesome experience. Our Q rate wasn't the highest because I officially tossed fixing my handling mistakes out the window with this one. I feel like Knight is still at a fragile point with his speed at trials, any missed jumps were due to my not cueing properly so I decided his speed was much more important to me than a Q. It was sooo r…

Death of the Papmobile

So thanks to some prodding from Mica I have returned to the land of blogspot. Let's do this.

Although not directly training/trialing related. In February, the Papmobile was almost laid to rest. As I was driving my sister home from crew one night, I was rear ended in the horrible stop-and-go traffic that plagues one route home.

A wave of dread swept over me as I heard the dreadful sound of crunched metal and shattered plastic. As the Papmobile is not officially mine, my first thought was "Oh shit, dad is going to kill me." which quickly changed to "Oh shit! I actually have no idea what I'm supposed to do!"

As naturally as one can, I asked the driver that hit me to hold on one moment while I called dad. The whole thing went over much more smoothly than I would of previously imagined possible. My dad is without a doubt, the best person to call in my family during any sort of state of emergency. After confirming that my sister and I were okay, he told me exact…