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Gotta Try: Enjoying the Ride

I know, again with the Watsky songs?! When I snapped this picture of Lil today I couldn't help it. She deserves a more triumphant picture after that "Failure" one I posted. 
I have a lot of exciting things going on this summer. All sorts of opportunities keep popping up in my life, some of them might dwindle to "just a cool offer", but for now I'm basking in the bright light of possibility. 
After all, you never know what will come of an opportunity if you don't give it a try. Even if you only have a fool's chance, isn't it better to just take a stab at it instead of dwelling on the "what if I would of.."s later in life? 
On a less vague note, I entered Knight and Lilly in two days of Rally-O, and Knight-man in two days of AKC conformation for the first weekend of June. I'm keeping up my conformation streak, lots of learning to do! 
**ps- How do you guys feel about these more frequent updates? It's like I actually use a blog n…

Dark Knight FTW

I'm happy to say that our UKC debut was a success! After getting some strange looks from the equestrian people, I found the dog rings and got settled in.

I've heard it again and again how much more laid back UKC is compared to AKC, but never really quite absorbed that little nugget of information till today.  It really felt exactly like an AKC match. There was no stress and no pressure. I walked into the ring confidently, and kept up that state of mind throughout both shows.

There are a few things I, as a handler, need to work on. The biggest being how I set Knight up on the table. When it's just us in the class the judge is watching the entire time and usually walks closer before I'm done getting him just right. I'd like to smooth out and speed up my table stacking process before we hit the AKC rings again.

That being said, when we actually have competition Knight shows wonderfully! Both groups were SO much fun!

Long story short, I only got 4 hours of sleep last…


I've been listening to a lot of Watsky again. Those two lines in particular caught my attention.

Conformation has been an ongoing mental battle for me. I get all excited with the show prep, training, grooming, final ring prep, and always end up walking away with a sour taste in my mouth.

 I find myself thanking the judge, then quickly escaping the scene. Handing a few half-hearted treats to whoever I'm showing while tossing them into their crate and getting out of there. Embarrassed that another show has past with no points, another class win with no competition, or a reserve out of two. Frustrated that my dog was the only one to keep it's feet on the ground for gaiting, and still walked away with nothing.

I don't peg our losses as a total "failure". I usually walk away with something more to work on, or some new notes as to what that particular judge is looking for. That doesn't make the awkward shuffle leaving the ring feel much better in the moment th…

Agility, Avengers, Adventurific!

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that last week actually happened. It flew past in a blur of adventures with the paps, movie outings, and agility.

  I woke up around 5 am Monday morning, only to be greeted by a violent thunder storm. I took advantage of said storm and snoozed for a half hour longer before loading the paps to the papmobile and starting our 12 hour drive.

 I listened to EVE 6's new album "Speak In Code" the entire drive. It was rainy and windy until we hit WV, and then smooth sailing from there on out.

 When I arrived we took out the paps and went on a trial around the property. Lilly wasted no time at all finding the nastiest pond on the entire property and promptly flopped right in. She came out covered in algae up to her chest. To say she was enjoying herself would be a major understatement.

 Thursday/Friday, was the craziest day I've had in a LONG time, and it was FANTASTIC. In prep for the Avengers premier, we had decided to…