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All in a Day's Work: New UKC Champion

On Sunday, September 23rd, Knight-man and I drove out to Carlisle, PA for a UKC show. This would be Knight's second day of showing at a UKC event and his 3rd and 4th show through UKC.

We walked into the weekend needing 50 breed points, and 1 win with competition. Knight walked away with 50 points and 2 more wins with competition. We didn't have any breed competition, but there were 5 breeds in the companion group ring. That means Knight's Group 4th and Group 3rd placements from Sunday counted as wins with competition.

UKC certainly is quite the confidence booster, for both of us. The judges have all been very friendly, Knight shamelessly did a little happy dance for both of them when he received his ribbons.

We're taking a break from Conformation like things next weekend, and will be doing a one day AKC Agility trial! As much as conformation is starting to grow on me, I'm itching to get back in the agility ring. Our last trial was way back in... March I think? Way…

That Dog Nerd VS. The Grooming Marathon!

Man! I am still playing catch up with this blog. I took way too many pictures for this day not to turn into a post though. Without any further ado, I present to you:

That Dog Nerd vs. The Grooming Marathon

I took advantage of my friend Sarah's fantastic grooming shop for 2 whole glorious days. Thanks to my hectic work schedule this summer, I did not get to do anything close to "regular grooming" on any of the dogs for months. Day 1 in the grooming shop mostly consisted of giving everyone a good brush out. 

Day 2 of my grooming marathon was a very full day of bathing. Wash, rinse, blow out, and repeat. With 5 papillons to play with, I can confidently say I got plenty of practice with my blowing-out technique.

 My hectic work schedule was done for the summer, text books had been purchased for the fall semester, a new chapter of my life was unfolding. 

 I ended Friday, August 24th, with 5 clean papillons and one very sore back.Saturday, August 25th, I'd be heading back …

Tori Self Seminar: Advanced Handling 2012

As previously mentioned in my post "Recharging the Soul" I managed to drag myself away from work for a few days in August to attend one of Tori Self's handling seminars. It was a really fun seminar, Rev was super cute, and Tori didn't object to me creepily asking if I could take of picture of Twister, Rev, and Knight together.

Here's all the video clips I pulled off my cellphone from the seminar. I apologize for the low quality. The iPhone footage combined with me uploading it straight from nero to youtube resulted in a bit of a quality suck.

I walked away with a few things to keep in mind with my handling. I figured I'd share them, mostly as a reminder to myself.

Watch Your Shoulders 
 Not literally, but be mindful of them. Tori reminded me of this while I was running Knight, but it's something important I can use with the whole gang. All my dogs are now confident enough in the ring that if I'm not giving them enough input as to where we're going n…

How The Summer Was Spent

Now that we are well into September it's time to do some catching up. This summer flew by in a long blur. Work became the priority in my life. I was working a full time job 5-7 days a week, and a much lighter part-time job between shifts 3 days a week.

Days ran together. My life was the kennel. Thanks to Selina I managed not to work myself to death. We were out of the house for over 12 hours for a few rocky days. There were many days when rolling out of bed was a battle, and finding time for my own dogs seemed impossible. It wasn't all bad though, I certainly walked away with a ton of hands on experience of running a kennel. I'd like to say my phone skills with clients improved a bit, that's not to say there's plenty of more room for improvement though haha.

In June, before the insanity at work kicked off, I entered Lilly, Knight, an Mia in an AKC conformation and rally-o event. The Friday night before the show I got a grooming lesson from Selina. This occurred af…