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Another soul crushing day of AKC conformation.

...Does that sound depressing? Down cast? Perhaps like the speaker of such words is teetering on the end of an "I give up"?

Fear not! I don't really believe in giving up these days. I used to get really discouraged upon leaving the AKC conformation ring without any points won. Key word there. Did you see it? I "used" to get really discouraged. Past tense. Now I take it more as a challenge.

Note: I'm typing this a good 12 hours after the show. I'd by lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed when it happened. I tend to go through a whole whirlwind of emotions after leaving the ring with a loss. First I'm almost embarrassed, I feel a wave of "Why do I even try!" as I pack up all my belongings. As I leave the show grounds I usually move into denial, "The other dogs could barely even gait on a lead! insert other BS conformation complaints here."

And then, when I finally settle d…