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Inside the "National Dog Show" 2012

Three years ago, I went to the National Dog Show in Oaks, PA to visit my Kooikerhondje breeder for an update on my newborn pup "beans" and to catch up with the breeders. After we were done chatting my mom quickly dragged me over to the papillon section. She was still set on talking me into another pap. We spent a long time chatting with Nancy and petting her papillon Mojo.

Fast forward 3 years to 2012.Not only did I attend this year, I was competing in it.

I was there showing for all 4 days of the Philadelphia Cluster. I dragged Selina along with me on Thursday to help me with Mia. I was so stressed out with the idea of showing two dogs with such a low breed entry. On top of that... Well, honestly? I was scared to go back in the ring with Mia. Whatever connection we have on the agility course evaporates in the show ring. We had gotten to the point where she'd gait nicely for me, but was absolutely dreadful on the table. She'd try to melt into me, act absolutely terri…

Going Up

"I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend." -John Green TFIOS
We are officially back on track for dog events. Starting November 11th, I have a few weekends lined up to get out and run around with my crazy crew. It feels good to be back in the game. 
Last weekend I attended another Dream Park trial. This was one of the cases where I thought I read the schedule and decided to give myself an extra hour or two to sleep in.... Those days never go well.

I pull up, get one of my 3 dogs out of the car, and swing by to see how the rings are progressing. Much to my surprise, 12" standard is already running and Open Jumpers is walking.

At this time I have Lilly with me. Without walking either course I run back out to my car to swap dogs. I managed to watch the dog before us run so I had a general idea of what the course was. Oh boy. Mia was on FIRE! NQ due to skipping the last pole, but wowza. She pulled in a 4.35 yps run even with all the wide turns she h…