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Looking Back, and Looking Ahead- 2012-2013

Another year has almost come and gone. Since I know for a fact my work schedule is about to start getting hectic, I figure I'll toss in this post now.

My goals for 2012 were simple: RUN! Start handling more clearly, and educate myself with more dog training goodness.

I really did not trial very much this year. Whenever I did put trust in our training and run I was rewarded with a wonderful run. My past self was wise and did not leave any titling goals for the year. Thank you past self! I do not feel like I let you down.

This year I learned a lot. There was a lot of stress, so many opportunities to grow. I'd like to think I took advantage of those opportunities. Friendships were deepened, new friendships were forged. I have a better grasp on setting my priorities, I regret nothing!

Just to recap in the year of 2012 I:
-was in my first car accident
-got to show my Grandma everything I do with the dogs at a trial up north
-Met some awesome Juniors down in NC
-Lilly got some of her…

The Novice Trick Dog Games

I though a description of the games shown in our "Novice Trick Dog Games" video might be helpful. So here it is!

1. Bobbing for Hotdogs (AKA: "Weenie Bobbing")

The full game consists of using a baby pool, but we went with the "Indoors Friendly" version. You place a few hot dog slices in a bowl of water. Then release your dog to go get them!

I actually first started using this game at agility trials to trick Lilly into drinking a bit of water. She has fun with it and learned how to breath out so water doesn't go up her nose. That results in bubbles, bubbles are always amusing right?

2. The Muffin Tin Game

For this game, you place treats in an empty muffin tin and then place tennis balls over top. I use this game to get Mia to slow down while she's eating. That fuzzy thing wrapped around the tin is just a tug toy I'm using to keep the tin from moving around.

3. Roll out the Carpet

Rolling out the carpet is a fun one I hadn't heard of until I lo…