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Looking Back, and Looking Ahead- 2012-2013

Another year has almost come and gone. Since I know for a fact my work schedule is about to start getting hectic, I figure I'll toss in this post now.

My goals for 2012 were simple: RUN! Start handling more clearly, and educate myself with more dog training goodness.

I really did not trial very much this year. Whenever I did put trust in our training and run I was rewarded with a wonderful run. My past self was wise and did not leave any titling goals for the year. Thank you past self! I do not feel like I let you down.

This year I learned a lot. There was a lot of stress, so many opportunities to grow. I'd like to think I took advantage of those opportunities. Friendships were deepened, new friendships were forged. I have a better grasp on setting my priorities, I regret nothing!

Just to recap in the year of 2012 I:
-was in my first car accident
-got to show my Grandma everything I do with the dogs at a trial up north
-Met some awesome Juniors down in NC
-Lilly got some of her best times in jww
-Spent a week running around a farm in KY with a pack of papillons
-Went to SO many midnight movie premieres and 3 marathons :)
-Graduated High School
-Finished my first semester of college
-got a bit  better at finding balance

After getting a lecture from Pat Hastings back in May, Lilly has gone on a diet and has regained her girlish figure! She never limps after laying down for long periods of time anymore, she's in an XXS comfort-flex harness, and her MACH points in jww have DOUBLED! My goal for the new year is to keep her fit and in excellent shape, get that Q-rate up, and make some progress on that MACH!

Knight has been a bit of a roller coaster. We have awesome runs, and then runs where I'm just dragging him around the course. He really does the love the game, it's heartbreaking when he simply goes along with it because I want him to. So, I've bumped him down to 4". We're re-evaluating our goals, trying to get our motivation up, and we're just going to go out and try to have fun. Nothing beats that moment in the run when he realizes how much fun it is. His whole face LIGHTS up. He gets this stupid goofy grin on his face and I can't help but grin just as stupidly back at him. I want that all the time.

2012 has been a great year for goofing off with Mia. Selina kicked ass and got 2 points on her towards her CH. Misa and I really evolved as a team. She's such a special girl, I'm really looking forward to what the new year brings us! My goal with her is to get a few more CH points on her, and kick myself into gear with her training. Let's get this girly out of novice and trialing with the big dogs!

2013 will be a year of setting the stage.

I have a potential new job in the works, progress to be made on a degree, and hopefully Qualify some dogs for some National events! Bring it on.


  1. See, you're so much smarter...I just know all those title goals I set are going to come back to haunt me later. Feel free to send over some practical realistic goal-setting my way. ;) Relax before your next semester starts, if it hasn't already, we can have pity parties together once assignments start rearing their ugly heads again. What are you majoring in? Looking forward to reading about the Paps in 2013! Going to go try and read the rest of the good posts I've been missing. Have an awesome new year!

    1. Haha, I learned very quickly that sometimes life gets in the way of actually going to trials! So, I try to focus on training goals instead :) Thank you so much Mica! You too, can't wait to see what's in store for you and your stunning crew!


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