Sunday, August 5, 2012

Recharging the Soul

For the first time all summer, I managed to sneak away from the kennel for two whole, glorious, and refreshing days. Words cannot express just how much I needed this break. It was such a breath of fresh air.

I was mentally and physically recharged, right down to my very soul. 

So much, yet so little, has happened since my last update. I've been working too much probably, but I don't really want to talk about that. It's become a bit of a vortex that's overwhelmed my life. I waste too many moments dwelling on it. Instead, I want to talk about adventures up north. 

Selina and I took the boys, Knight and Twister, up to New Hampshire for one of Tori Self's seminars.

The above is just a glimpse of the footage that was taken. When I have my next day off I'll take all the video off my phone and put a proper youtube video together. 

The seminar ran from 9 till 5, Tori was fantastic, Rev was adorable, and Knight-man was a rock star for me. It felt so good to just get out and run him again. After a rocky few first sequences, we got our timing together and things went smoothly. After two months of no agility, this was heaven. For the both of us, Knight would never turn down a day to play fetch and have me all to himself. 

Knight and Twister got to meet Rev. I was a bit of a creeper at the end and asked Tori if I could get a picture of the boys with Rev. She agreed to it. She's kind of awesome like that. 

That evening and the following day were spent running around the woods and wading into various bodies of water. Knight and I loved every second of it. 

We spent Friday night after the seminar on Newfound lake, found in the first picture on this post. That place holds it's own kind of simple magic. I've spent countless summer nights out on her shores,  just taking a moment to drink in that calming presence the lake seems to give off as the sun sets. 

Friday night was no different. 

Finding joy in the simple things. A quick swim after a long day of agility and a promise of romping through the woods the next day. These kinds of things are good for the soul.