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Raging War

It's been freezing cold outside. Shallow streams are now frozen and a thin sheet of ice is inching its way across the larger bodies of water.

It's weather like this that makes it so easy to just curl up inside and read a book instead of taking the dogs to the park. It's cold out. My fingers will freeze off. It's toasty inside... stay insideeee. Today, I broke out the hoodie and winter coat and decided to rage war against such lazy thoughts.

For the record, my fingers did get pretty chilly.

But frozen fingers were nothing compared to how much I've missed our walks in the woods. The best thing about the cold, is that no one else braves the weather to go to the park. I let Mia and Knight-man off lead for a while and we had ourselves a nice little jog. No ipod; just me, the dogs, and a good old romp through the forest. Life is good.

 Looking back, I don't think I mentioned it on here... but Miss Lilly ruptured a disk in her spine. She's been steadily improving! She's visibly feeling SO much better these days. That being said, she's still on a break from activity so that's why she's not in the hike pictures. She's still on pain meds and muscle relaxers, once she's done those we'll be going back to the vet to hear the verdict on her activity (and agility) levels. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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The Human Condition

"Now I'm not saying that my heart's not in it
But I could use a new, could use a new beginning" -Fighting a Ghost, Matt Hires

June 2015. 

That's the last time I updated this blog. 

I do enjoy keeping this blog going. It gives me these funny little glimpses into past selves. Past versions of a me that never quite finished manifesting. 

It's June 2017 as I'm writing this. I will continue saying this until the day I die, but it is always interesting how much has changed and how much has stayed the same.

This blog has become such a pool of cliche's. "Oh how much things have changed since my last update."   "I have learned so much about life and love and blah blah blah..."

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I feel like I'm in an odd transitional state. I've physically moved half-way across the country. I've got Knight by my side along with the new faces of Scout, Harley Quinn, and Tali'Zorah. I have this wonderful family here and many, many friends. But I'm still getting away from old patterns of thought. 

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2015 is going to be a year of growing.

I'm chasing my dreams, but left my heart in the dust. And I miss her terribly.

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I'm taking time to walk more, listen more, take chances, and let things go.

This will be the semester of early mornings and weekends off. The semester of new faces in a new state. The semester of counting days until I can see my gorgeous girl again.

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