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Double Qs and Blues Times Two

Achievement Unlocked!!! Knight-man has all his Double Qs for the 2014 AKC Agility Nationals now!!!!

We're just over half way on points and Master Qs now, so still some work to do, but one requirement has been checked off the list!

This past weekend we had a two day AKC Agility trial. Saturday morning was like a dream. Excellent/Master JWW 4-8"  was the first class of the morning. I'm usually a nut case for the first run of the day so I did not have any expectations in mind. Lilly was the 3rd dog in the ring and...... WOW. She just took my breath away. She broke 5 YPS for the first time at a trial in a FLAWLESS jumpers run. 
10 dogs later I was back in the ring with Mia. I was brimming with confidence after a flawless run with Lilly and Mia just ate it up. She not only ran it beautifully, she ran it a full second faster than Lilly for her first AXJ leg. Two for two first thing in the morning? I was on cloud nine. 
Knight's run was up next. I had just had two of the bes…

Seeing Double

Another fantastic day of trailing. I was blown away by the confidence and speed I saw in all three paps on Sunday. Not just the paps though, I've started to feel so much more confident in my abilities as a handler too. There's less baby sitting and more running. Progress is being made!

I've always heard handlers say, "You never know when your last run with your dog will be; So run each run like it could be your last." But it never really sunk in until recently. Having to rush Lilly to the emergency clinic last month really snapped everything into perspective for me. I've always tried to make sure my dogs never know I've made a handling mistake at a trial, the primary goal each run was just to have fun. Now I'm chasing that down with new enthusiasm. Every time I stepped onto the start line with Lilly or Knight (still working on this mentality with Mia) I was prepared to make this the best run ever. We weren't just going to have fun, we were going …

Cheer Team

Today we got to visit my good friend Jessica (who runs Focused K9) and her GSD boy, Riot, as they hopped back into the Obedience Ring for their 3rd CD leg.

He was so awesome all day. Riot only NQ'd after another dog flopped over onto his feet during his long stay. Seems like an odd call to me, but I'm an agility person, what do I know about the ways of obedience judging?  That being said, they really did look great out there!

It was absolutely beautiful outside, so we took the dogs for nice walk in the park after. Saturday well spent :)