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Finding Footholds

I have started finding footholds out of this dark pit I've considered conformation. I'm getting more confident in my motions, more confident in my grooming, and I'm allowing myself to be proud of my dogs. I'm fully aware of their faults, but I'm not letting them cloud my thoughts with doubt.

I made huge progress on my attitude with the conformation ring this weekend. I stopped treating it as a chore, and started treating it like a sport. Like agility. We did our warm up tricks before we went in, and strutted in with a, "Are you ready bud?!"

Knight won his Open class over one other dog on Friday and I was thrilled. He's been the reserve king most of the time, this is the first time he's won his Open dog class. He ended up taking Winners Dog over two puppies for his very first point!

Mia was the only class bitch on Friday, so she took Winners Bitch for no points. Sarah lent me a hand for the B.O.B. ring. I fumbled around a bit in B.O.B. and mumbled…