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Growing: The Instructor Training Course- 2013!

May 15-19th, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Dogs of Course's Instructor Training Course in Accord, NY.

If you boil it all down, the course was divided into 3 parts. Lectures, Student Teaching, and Training your Shelter dog.

Throughout the week you were assigned a Shelter dog with a partner. My dog was a fantastic little Feist, only 5 months old, named Biscuit.

I am so grateful that I was paired with this little dog. "Easy" is the only word I have to describe him. Everything came so easily with him! When it was time to work, he was right there with me. He LOVES to play, so we worked on a verbal "out" cue to release his tug. He mastered that by the end of the week too! His crate manners were perfect, granted he was pretty tired by the end of the day, not a single peep from him all night. He pottied promptly for me outside, and had no complaints about calmly hanging out with me during my downtime. That allowed me to focus on teaching, something I've …

Taking the First Step

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." -Lao Tsu

That first step is always the hardest.Why is that? In theory it's easy. Just a single step.

 But when the time comes to take that single step it suddenly feels like a leap over a bottomless pit. Days and weeks, months and years have been poured into this moment, this first single step. This single step could kick off the dreams you've been reaching for! So why the sudden stutter step? Why the sudden lack of drive? Where has your motivation gone? Have you let Doubt creep in and drain it all away?

Doubt is an ugly beast. It sneaks up into your dreams and whispers only the worst possible outcomes. It lulls you sweetly into believe that your dreams have been shot down before you even took aim.

I'm ready to admit it. I've been struggling with the first step. I've been given an awesome opportunity by my mentor, a trainer whose methods I highly admire, to start up an agility foundation clas…

May The 4th Be With You

This past weekend we hit the show ring on Friday and Saturday, then switched gears over to agility on Sunday.

Friday was the Toy Specialty at Mercer County Park. This show is a special one, exactly 3 years ago Knight and I stepped into the show ring for the very first time. Since that day my relationship with conformation has consisted of a long string of ups and downs, but it sure felt like a whole lot of downs.

We've been at the lowest rungs of the conformation ladder. My whole demeanor was clouded with self doubt, I had lost the class before I even stepped into the ring. I was letting it beat me, letting myself feel disappointed.  Things are different now. I've changed my attitude about the show ring, I've armed myself with knowledge, and I'm letting myself be PROUD of the beautiful teammates I get to show off. We're on a roller coaster that only goes up!

On Friday Knight showed beautifully for me! He was all attitude, he owned the ring. He's really startin…