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Adventurific 2013: Papillon Nationals!

Last year I went down to KY for a week, during which we attended a full day of Marvel Marathoning that led up to the midnight premier of the Avengers. Many walks where taken, many movies attended, agility at a ring rental, and many adventures were had.

This year, straight after ITC, I made my way back down to KY to Selina's farm for another week. This year, it was for the Papillon Club of America's National Specialty.

Agility overlapped with ITC, so I did not get to attend it this year. I promise you, one year I WILL do agility at PCA. It has alluded me at both Nationals I've attended. I came down for the second Regional Specialty, Rally-O, the National, and the third Regional Specialty.

For those not involved in breed, one's National Specialty is kind of a big deal. All the big breeders come together to show off and compare their stock. My goal was to go with my friend, Selina, and have a blast. Placing in a class would be a HUGE plus, but I was not going in with any…