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Finding Solid Ground

I had a brilliant short weave session with the Paps Saturday evening that left me feeling so much better after my disappointment with Mia in the morning. We spent the better part of an hour running around just playing fetch and chased away the bitter aftertaste the morning had left in my mouth.

As the day drew to a close, I felt recharged. I had successfully moved on, I was ready to face the new day.
I had the whole crew with me this past Sunday morning and I was ready to bring it.

Knight had the best opening speed at a trial so far for jumpers! Usually it takes him a few jumps to settle into his full run, not this time! He was kicking and nearly screaming to go as soon as I stepped into the ring. He's really starting to feel at home out there, he's showing some sass and getting a little bossy. I absolutely love it! 
He listened to me like a very good boy in standard, but I sent him right past a jump we were supposed to take. I could see a flicker of doubt pass over his eyes when…

Pause. Reflect. And Move On.

Sometimes, you are going to have a bad day. A day where your one step forward suddenly feels like a somersault down three flights of stairs.  All the progress you've managed to make suddenly evaporates, and you feel like you're about five  squares behind square one. Today was one of those days.

For the past few trials Mia has been a little off. She's started to stress down instead of up, dragging her feet around the ring, and she worries constantly about the people milling around the ring. I decided that I'd try entering Mia in one day where it's just her so I could give her my full attention.

Our runs were far from spectacular. That's not to say they didn't have their highlights. I've been through enough ring stress problems with Lilly that I can always get my dogs running by the end of the course. So Mia finished strong in a lovely full extension stride that I got to cheer on and heavily reinforce.

But I'm only human. I get frustrated. I KNOW how …