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The Struggle Is Real

I do feel a bit bad, jumping in with another angsty post after so many wonderful things have happened since my last post. (Like Knight qualifying for Nationals and Mia earning her 2nd AX Leg!!!!)  

But alas, dark days always beckon me to write. So here I am. 

Lilly qualified for Nationals. 

This news does not come on the silver platter I had always imagined it would. It's a bittersweet victory. 

Lilly made me fight for every millisecond of her attention this weekend. We ran wide. We were sloppy. Corners were sniffed for potential crumbs and ring crews were visited. We scraped by with a Q in standard each day, each run a blur of me stumbling around trying to keep Lilly's head. Saturday's jumpers resulted in Lilly taking every jump possible and checking in with me just a time or two. 

Sunday's jumpers was painful. I thought maybe my frantic handling in attempts to keep her attention was messing her up, so, even though I couldn't feel her with me on the line, I decided to …