Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adventurific 2013: Papillon Nationals!

Last year I went down to KY for a week, during which we attended a full day of Marvel Marathoning that led up to the midnight premier of the Avengers. Many walks where taken, many movies attended, agility at a ring rental, and many adventures were had.

This year, straight after ITC, I made my way back down to KY to Selina's farm for another week. This year, it was for the Papillon Club of America's National Specialty.

Agility overlapped with ITC, so I did not get to attend it this year. I promise you, one year I WILL do agility at PCA. It has alluded me at both Nationals I've attended. I came down for the second Regional Specialty, Rally-O, the National, and the third Regional Specialty.

For those not involved in breed, one's National Specialty is kind of a big deal. All the big breeders come together to show off and compare their stock. My goal was to go with my friend, Selina, and have a blast. Placing in a class would be a HUGE plus, but I was not going in with any expectations.

Knight showed so well for me all 3 days. He even placed 3rd in his class at the National Specialty (out of 5)!  We still have some work to do on our table performance, but he gave awesome expression and held together his movement well. He was a total rock star for Rally! His first time ever in the Advanced class, with absolutely no extra training done whatsoever (bad trainer!), he brought home a Q/3rd! He is such an awesome little dude.

I got to show Mia at the National Specialty and the closing Regional. We were in a large Open Bitch class so chances on placing were slim. Mia really blew me away. We have come so far as a team in conformation! She had an excellent table performance and showed expression to the judge. Yes, you read that correctly, MIA SHOWED EXPRESSION IN THE RING!!!!! Her movement is her strongest point, so I took full advantage of the large ring and moved her as much as possible for our down and backs. We must of done something right because the judge pulled us up to 5th position at the national specialty!

The highlight of the week at the show grounds was the closing Regional Specialty. I was showing Mia again in the large Open Bitch class. We got to work on offering "ears" while we waited for everyone to finish their exam on the table. Then, much to my surprise, Mia was pulled up to 3rd place in the Open Bitch Class! Such a huge confidence booster! To celebrate we got a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It was fabulous.   

The non-show highlights of the week consisted of seeing "Star Trek Into Darkness". That movie was SO good. I will be seeing it in theaters again soon. Then we went to DINOSAUR WORLD! It was just as awesome as it sounds like it would be! My only complaint is that I did not get to climb on nearly enough dinosaurs. 

Lilly, Knight, Mani, and Twister