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The Horizon is my Home

It's tradition for me to spend at least one weekend up in New Hampshire before the summer is over. Growing up, I spent my summers attending an all girls summer camp on Newfound Lake. Since I stopped attending as a camper I always find myself drifting back up there. Last year I took Knight up for a Tori Self seminar, this year I took the girls up for some hiking! 

 I had all of Saturday up in NH, so I took on Mt. Moosilauke. It's roughly a 10 mile round trip with a beautiful view at the summit. Mia and Lilly owned it! I cannot tell you how many comments I got on how small my dogs are... Multiple people asked me if I had to carry them up the mountain at all. Yeah... no. My papillons are bad asses.

 It felt so good to get away from all the kennel stress. To finally be in the mountains again. My biggest concern was which mountain I'd be hiking the next morning, and it felt amazing. Really, how can you not be madly in love with views like this? 

After Moosilauke, I visited …

The Trials of June

Wow, I have seriously neglected this blog all summer. Last post was on Papillon Nationals? Yikes.

Since then, I did manage to squeeze in 2 one-day agility trials. Went out to the Bella Vista site for our first AKC trial there. I've always avoided that site because of the rubber mulch, but they just switched over to some VERY NICE turf.  I got some nice times out of all of my guys with no slipping around on the turf. Mia is usually spinning out all over the place, so this was extremely exciting.

At Bella Vista Lil brought home QQ #3. This was after she ate an ENTIRE hotdog that was stolen out of my bag. You just have to love that girl, she really keeps me on my toes. She had a wonderful Jumpers run and followed it up with the most thrilling standard run we've ever had at a trial. It was 80% turns, and we nailed every single one beautifully. She had so much speed going into the table she slid into a 2o2o and promptly yanked her front feet back onto the table. I almost didn't…