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2013 has come to an end

All in all, this year was brilliant. I got to trial more than I ever had the chance to in previous years. This resulted in me qualifying two of my dogs for the 2014 AKC National Agility Championship which will be happening right here in PA. 

I've been struggling to put my 2013 recap into words. I want to skip ahead to all the good stuff, but sometimes the rough patches are what make the good stuff so good.... so here we go. 

By the end of 2012 I was tired. I had spent way too much time dealing with Medical emergencies that fall. I had been to the ER to get my bite wound from a Rotti treated, Knight was rushed to our vet twice- I was so afraid he was going to lose an eye one visit, and my father spent his fair amount of time in the ER too. 

I didn't trial much. When I did, Knight continued dislike trialing. He'd drag his feet, jumping was hard for him. My 3 year old dog was losing his love for the game right in from of my eyes. To top things off, driving home from work on Dece…