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We're Going to Nationals

I've been trying, and failing, to write a post about how I feel about our upcoming Nationals adventure for the past 3 months.

What is there to say? What tone should this kind of thing evoke?

Do I go for inspiring? The daring tale of a scared, stressed, overweight Novice A dog and Handler that have made it to the National Championship against all odds? How about the heartfelt story of a worried little 9" tall Papillon who was too afraid to jump. The story of how he was moved down in jump height and placed on the back burner of training focus only to blossom into this fierce, confident, little dog while no one was watching?

When you're stepping out onto the biggest stage you've ever walked across, what do you want the announcer to say?

10 years from now, when I have a few Nationals under my belt, I'm sure these kinds of things won't matter as much. But right now it feels really big.

I've been excited for Nationals. Scared, Worried, and Indifferent about them…