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What are updates?

Haha, so my plans on doing weekly updates crashed and burned spectacularly. I have a lot of huge updates, so buckle up for a very long post. None of that "I'll add more posts later!!" nonsense this time around. Let's be honest, never once have I actually come back and added the updates I was planning on updating.

So, this semester has had a lot of ups and downs. I didn't come out of my semester with the stellar 4.0 that I was hoping for, but I'm here, alive and well, and moving forward. Last semester really messed up my attitude about school. I'm trying to find a healthy balance between caring about doing well, while not letting my success/lack of success define my worth. It's a weird place to be. I had been doing very well the college year leading up to last fall, so I feel a little sad.  I had to trade in pride in grades for smaller goals like, "get out of bed and go to campus today". Things that felt monumental at the time.

Enough about the school things though, this blog is mostly for the dogs right? Let's get to the cool stuff.

So, as I never mentioned early, I now have three Papillons living with me again.  I briefly mentioned that Mia was no longer under my care and Lilly was staying with my parents when I moved to State College (and would continue to stay there though my move to Texas).

My game plan was to do the solo dog thing for a while until puppy plans came through for me. It'd be weird, Kna would be a little lonely, but we would get settled in an wait for a puppy to come along.

As I was nearing the end of my days in State College, PA I got a phone call from Letty (Knight's breeder). She was wondering how I'd feel about bringing two dogs with me to Texas.

I was pretty burnt out at the time of that phone call. I couldn't find it in me to be excited about much. I agreed to come so Knight and I could meet the potential new guy. If he passed the in house visit (spoiler alert, he did), I'd bring him with me to live in PA for a couple weeks before we made the move. I wanted to make sure we had time to see if there would be any problems before I carted the dog half-way across the country with me.

Well, I am so happy to say that the dog, Scout, has been simply astounding. He is exactly what I needed. He is sweet and cuddly and by god does he love to run.

In fact, I love Scout so much I decided to send Letty a text in February about the litter he sired that had been whelped just before I moved. I really loved the spunky little girl they were out of and I had really been blown away by Scout.

I asked if "Macy" was still available, and if so, how she'd feel about sending her my way. Cassie flew down with her for Spring break and the rest is history.

Macy became "Harley Quinn" and she is a delight. She's usually zipping around the room like a maniac, but she has her super sweet moments where she tries to clean my ears and cuddles with me.

She recently discovered the delights of fetch (a game that still escapes Scout's interest) and we are having a lot of fun getting started in agility. She's growing with elegance and grace in leaps and bounds.

I am so happy to have three dogs again. It is such a good number for me. They get along wonderfully with each other and all my roommates at the Agility Commune. 


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