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For the dogs frequently mentioned on this blog that are not under my care.

Natale de Bien-Aime

After lots of conversation back and forth about Cas (my wonderful girlfriend) getting a dog of her own, she settled on a Pyrenean Shepherd.  We were connected with a lovely breeder here in america who happen to have the perfect little girl ready to go to an awesome companion home. Tali is very new to our family, but she had slipped in beautifully


After years of begging, Lilly was the dog I finally talked my parents into getting. She has been my partner in crime since I was 10 years old. She's taught me so much about dogs, training, patience, and life. I certainly would not be who I am without all the help I got from her.

I could honestly write a novel about how much this dog means to me. Who knows, maybe one day I will. This girl took me to my very first AKC National Agility Championship. It was such an honor to get to run there with the best friend that gave me all the skills I needed to get there. I am so proud of how much I got to watch her, no. How much I got to watch us grow as a team over the 5 years we got to compete together.

Lilly is probably most known for her food snatching skills. She would often "help" me finish my sandwiches, despite any plans on my part to finish them myself. This dog is the reason I fell in love with papillons and agility. I would not trade our hikes in the white mountains for for the world.

Lilly retired from the agility ring in August 2014. Now she enjoys leisurely strolls and long naps at my parent's house. I miss her dearly.

Pilot All Eyes on Me OA AXJ CL1

Mia was a lovely little girl I co-owned for 3 years with Selina Fluker. She was smart and sassy and a huge cuddle bug. I trialed Mia in agility in CPE to get her started and then obtained her AKC agility titles up to her OA and AXJ. She was also a blast to show in the breed ring. I earned my first Best of Breed award with her for her first major win in conformation.

I also got to attend the 2012 Papillon Club of America National Specialty with her where we placed 3rd in a very large open bitch class.

These days I am no longer a co-owner on Mia and she lives with Selina Fluker.

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